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Letter 7

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Just finished this chapter! I think this is the first time I’ve read the chapter in one go, without having to break it up over the course of a couple of days, so that’s nice!

The push and pull between Naho and the letters is very interesting … At first she was resisting having to do hard things because of the letters, but now she’s realized it’s worth it and she’s trusting the letters. But, it feels like in this chapter she’s learning that she can’t just trust the letters and expect everything to go well …

I just wanna say with regards to Suwa … I think he is really great, and I know his friends think he should act on his feelings for Naho (of course they do, they want him to be happy …) but it’s so rare and refreshing to see a male character who cares more about what their love interest wants than about what they want. He wants Naho to be happy and so he’s happy (in a bittersweet way, maybe) to help her and Kakeru get closer.

And I realized that I’ve been assuming that if the story has a happy ending it will end with Kakeru and Naho being together, but it would actually be really cool if Naho and Suwa still ended up together, even though she managed to save Kakeru.

Not sure I can handle it if this story doesn’t have a happy ending!

Alternate world bad ending timeline version of this chapter:

(If it’s too small to tell, that’s a bat, for Fangs Girl.)


Kakeru… KaKeRu… KAKERU!!! How can you ask such a question?!?! :joy: Azu to the rescue! Thank god.

For realz though, really falling in liking with Azu. Also Tako-chan and Hagita. I love to see them get some screen time and more characterization. I hope we can learn some more about them, rather then just their actions around Naho-Kakeru-Suwa.

And the friendship between Suwa and Kakeru. :heart_eyes: Makes me want to ship them, but hey, that would still fit with my throuple/threesome scenario. xD

This chapter just flew by. I was super tired and was only planing to read a few pages; then I looked up and there were only 2 pages left in the chapter. O_O

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