Orange 🍊 須和弘人 #3 (Chapter 26) + 大切な人

須和弘人 #3 (“Chapter 26”) + 大切な人

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Another volume done!

Chapter spoilers

I’m with some of you (I can’t remember who :confounded:) who started to wonder how much we can trust Naho’s feelings for Suwa. Is he just second best now that Kakeru is dead? I guess, the problem here is, that we got three chapters to see several months of development, when we spent 5 volumes for possibly the same amount of time before. So of course, it won’t feel as solid.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and assume Naho was telling the truth. As far as I can remember I’ve never seen her lie, so why would she start now?

From that assumption, I’m so glad that Suwa got his girl, at least in this future scenario. It was definitely not a forgone conclusion which maybe the first 5 volumes made it seem. Since it almost seemed that maybe Suwa and Naho got together in High school.

I feel like I got what I needed to understand Suwa well early in this volume, and then we got to see even more in depth why he thinks so poorly of himself. I wish it was easier to say: “You’re wrong, what you feel is wrong. You’re a good man.” And while I definitely think so, if I imagine myself in that situation, I would also probably feel like I used my dead friend to get the girl we both wanted, and that makes me a pretty terrible person. But at the same time, we know his reasons weren’t entirely selfish, he did/does want Naho to be happy, to smile like she used to do.

Anyway, I feel like I could ramble about this for a long time, so I think I’ll stop here. I hope volume 7 gives us more of what the future looks like for the Kakeru survives crew. From what we’ve seen, we know Hagita and Azu get together eventually. And Kakeru seems to marry Naho and have a kid with her. At least if I understood everything correctly from what we’ve gotten to see so far.

I don’t know if any of you read the 後書き in this volume, but it talked about the deep kind of wounds that Kakeru had/has aren’t the kind healed in one moment. They take time, and I couldn’t quite figure out if the point was that that was why Naho and crew spent months to help Kakeru feel better before the fated day happened, and/or if it was pointing to what I can expect to read in volume 7. :thinking:

Edit: I forgot to add the best face in the chapter. I think this is my favorite face/expression of Naho’s and that is saying something since I’ve loved a lot of them:

Re: Chapter spoilers

I had felt it seemed rather like they didn’t get together for some time simply because of the age of their child.

As for Naho’s feelings regarding Suwa, they do feel genuine by now. Suwa’s initial confession timing was bad but may have really supported her well-being at that time. From there, she had a sense of obligation to Kakeru which, perhaps ironically, kept her available until for Suwa to try again.

This of course still leaves it completely unknown whether Kakeru-saved-timeline Naho would have ultimately picked Suwa had he pursued his feelings.


Is it really an Orange chapter if it doesn’t leave you in tears? At least this time the ending is on the happier side, even if some things can never be fixed. I want to believe Naho as well.

For the next volume I’d like to see if Suwa gets to be happy in the other timeline as well, since we can assume everyone else does. But I guess we’ll see what it’s about.


I’m avoiding reading any of the comments due to spoilers, but I’ve mainly caught up - on p5 of the chapter.