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In the first few opening pages of the chapter Suwa is thrown for a loop when Kakeru calls out his crush on Naho. Then a few pages later everyone (other than dense Naho) confirms that they’ve all known the whole time. I mean, he’s a nice guy to everyone but he obviously has a preference. :wink:

What I like about the series is the guys inevitably have a rivalry considering they like the same girl, but they aren’t doing any dirty underhanded tricks to get her to fall for them.

And what I like about this chapter is Suwa and Kakeru are both helping each other out - or the former is while the latter is just giving credit where it’s due and wanting to confirm if Naho has feelings for Suwa as well.

Something worth checking back on page 70 later: Future Naho writes that Suwa asks her to swap places with her (implying Suwa wanted to set them up the first time too). Either Suwa is just a really nice guy so he may not have gotten a letter like some members theorized or he did and the same outcome just had different circumstances. What do you think?


This was a super interesting chapter! I really enjoyed it and its really got the cogs turning in my mind.

Spoiler-filled Chapter Thoughts

As much as I obviously don’t want something tragic to happen to Kakeru - I’m definitely on Team Suwa - he’s either willing to sacrifice his own happiness for Naho’s, or if he IS getting letters from his future self too then he’s willing to sacrifice his happiness to save his friend. Either way, what a great guy :heart:

Personally, I’m leaning towards him getting letters from his future self too.
After reading this chapter I have a wild theory that in the future timeline, Suwa gave Naho the bandaid and that was a step that lead towards their relationship becoming romantic. I’m thinking that their relationship may be something that influenced Kakeru’s death, and that Suwa is trying to change the future by having Kakeru give Naho the bandaid instead.
I’m double spoiler tagging just in case anybody is interested in current chapter discussion, but doesn’t want to be influenced by my tinfoil hat theories :laughing:

I have absolutely no basis for this idea really, but something about that whole interaction felt important to me



Funny thing is, this chapter has me convinced this is how he was in the original timeline, and thus he’s not being guided by letters, based on some of the observations mentioned by Future Naho.


Well, now that I’m back on the horse and I had time this weekend, I also knocked this chapter out.

Story spoilers

Honestly, I’m liking Azu better and better. From the beginning she felt mostly like a comic relief character, much like Hagita is mostly used. But this chapter especially with Azu really checking in with Suwa about being okay with Kakeru+Naho, we are really shown she’s so much more than that. And honestly, I’m landing in the fact that her expressions are the ones I like the best.

Also… Hagita… :woman_facepalming: So smart, so blunt to seem almost dense to social niceties, although I’m not sure he’s actually unaware as much as he doesn’t care. :joy:

And honestly, Suwa… my man… I’m still holding out for my hope of a three-way relationship. Because anything else honestly feels too tragic. :sob:

Kakeru totally deserves happiness, and so does Suwa, and Naho. But right now it seems like Suwa is dooming himself to being heartbroken. Although heartbreak does heal, doesn’t seem fair. Although I’m not sure there is a fair solution to their dilemma.

And I love how much Kakeru and Suwa cares for each other. They could be tripping each other up in a quest to get Naho, but instead it is almost like they are acting as each other’s wingmen. And Naho pretty oblivious to it all, but not entirely (if I read the chapter right).