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Story comments

What a cliffhanger to end on! Like not massive one maybe, but still. Feels like a lot is hanging on this relay and something is definitely wrong with Kakeru today.

I do wonder if part of it is lying about his mom. I don’t think lying would sit well with Kakeru, but that isn’t the time to tell most of your friends your mom is dead.

I love seeing Naho trying to break out of her shell. She’d doing it for Kakeru, and I find myself connecting with that. I’ve lived alone since I moved away from home, more or less. Sometimes I’ve stayed in share houses or dormitory kinda places. I’ve even moved back home for short stretches. Just two weeks ago I picked up my very first kitten (I had cats growing up). Even before he arrived, I found myself taking care of things I’ve left undone for a long time.

And after I took him home, I still find myself doing things more expediently for his sake, or maybe I should say our sake.

So I get how Naho finds it easier to change, knowing someone depends on her to change. I don’t think I personally would have done so well if I’d gotten a cat a few years ago, but my mental health is so much better now, and with my cute, cuddly little kitten I can only predict it will be better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway… personal anecdote aside, I don’t think I have much more to say. Except Azu keeps impressing me, maybe, I dismissed her too much in volume 1? Although she seemed like a total airhead in that and I don’t think there was anything to prove different. So maybe not?


I think she’s a lovable airhead, I also like how she plays off the rest of the group and Hagita specifically. You kinda need someone to lighten the mood in a friend group and I think she plays the part perfectly.

I’m glad you’re having fun with your kitty! they are really special and getting to learn their personalities is so rewarding


Reply about Azu: Well, I definitely found her an airhead in volume 1 and 2, but I’m not entirely sure I agree anymore. We’ve gotten to see more behind the curtain of Azu and Takako, and it showed that while they may seem like the airhead plus tough girl combo, there is more to them than that, and I like that a lot. :blush:


My journey during this chapter:

ぼうとおし」って何? Since I couldn’t find it my dictionaries I tried a simple google search.


A few pages later…


Same, Naho, same.


You might not have found it because you had a typo. It is ぼうたおし, as in topple over pole. This is the definition from Midori:

game in which the object is to topple the opposing team’s pole

And I made that face too honestly. What a weird game. On the other hand, the cheerleading one is also weird. (Or was that just Azu’s idea?)


:joy: That would do it!

This chapter and the next do seem to be chock-full of deeply gender-stereotyped activities (including school-sanctioned violence between the boys??)

Edit to add: 通し is sort of a really impressive level of misreading 倒し, if I do say so myself.


I was more impressed it happened to be something, even it was a nonsensical something for the situation. :joy:


I do remember playing with this kind of toy as a kid, but I did not know it had a name haha. The mystery will carry on, but at least now I know it has a Japanese designation