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Wohoo! I’m here and reading it during the right week. Feel good to be back, guys!

This chapter though…

Story spoilers

Hmmm, I feel like the other guys need to cool it a bit. Forcing close moments aren’t really gonna work, I feel like it will backfire sooner rather than later.

Bottom of page 37 is the first time I thought Naho really beautiful. She has a pretty smile and she’s been very cute looking throughout, but it was something with that one that just made me see her as beautiful.

Not to mention that scene, with Naho figuring that maybe she wasn’t the only one afraid and embarrassed. To us that seems super obvious, but would we notice if we were in the situation ourselves? It is so easy to be inside our own heads and what we are feeling, so hard to notice what someone else is feeling when that ドキドキ.

Also, Azu is as bad at acting surprised as Suwa and Naho. Nobody gets an acting degree here. And that umbrella scene, trying to engineer the Naho + Kakeru scene… Wow, did that come off awkward.

I know I’m jumping around a bit in the chapter, but let me end with the final scene at the cafe. Takako noticing that Suwa is just a beat behind on the Kakeru and Naho together in then 10 years image Azu mentioned. (At least I think that is kinda what she meant?) Then Hagita coming in as comic relief.

He still comes off as this kinda doofus, but I wonder if maybe that is intentional sometimes, like this time. While still giving Azu an umbrella as a present is kinda “I COULDN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE, OKAY?!?!?!”

Maybe it is just my imagination, wanting Hagita to be as full fledged as most of the other characters. :confused:


おはよー :blush:

I read this chapter before my 耳をすませば reading this week, which TBH feels a lot like eating dessert before dinner. :grin: But life is short!

I don’t really have intelligent thoughts about this story anymore, just “I loved this! I loved that!” So I guess in order for my comment to have any meaningful content I’ll have to upload some pictures.

page 15

This one is actually mostly a bookmark reminding myself that I need to read up on ように grammar, because that one confuses me a lot of the time, and I’m not totally sure what’s happening here. I’ll update this comment once I have done my research and share my learnings.

page 32, two things ...

Number 1: I think the bottom left is my favorite face of the chapter. :joy:

The second thing is that I don’t totally understand the highlighted parts. I could probably get it with additional research, but if anyone happens to already be familiar with this type of construction help would be appreciated!

Also the end of the chapter illustration of Kakeru with glasses! So cute.


I feel pretty confident on ように, but I did look up 嘘のよう because I couldn’t figure out quite what that was, and it had its own entry in Midori (the dictionary app I use). Just thought I’d mention that incase you still feel shaky after looking up the grammar.

And I feel kinda the same about the story honestly. It is just so good.

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Ah, thanks! I’m sure this will help. :slight_smile:

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