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Last chapter thing I forgot to talk about

I think I forgot to mention last time, but it was so fun to see everyone’s parents. Suwa’s dad is so Suwa somehow. Hagita’s parents looked like no fuss (with clothing) tourists to me (probably have socks with their sandals). Takako’s parents, actor plus model looks like mentioned. So funny. And Azu’s mom and sister looking to be very similar to Azu, fits. All fits and it was fun to see them.

Now this chapter… I’m really liking the direction this story have been going for the last few chapters by the way. I remember at the end of volume one having no idea how this story would go, and now there is a definitely route in front of us, I feel like.

This chapter

Pretty hard discussion all around. Kakeru confessing that his mother is dead and everyone else trying to help him stop worrying about having fun.

Suwa really clinched it with his comment about everyone being able to help Kakeru carry the mat/his worries. And Naho’s sweet “lets change headbands” was so nice.

Also Hagita getting more air time. I wonder why he didn’t tell them earlier what was in his letter. Was he being loyal to Kakeru about not telling anyone even though he hadn’t been told that this time? I don’t feel like I have enough of an understand of Hagita yet to quite tell, but I like getting more glimpses into who he is.

Next up, the relay with Hagita who can’t run, and Kakeru with a lightly sprained ankle. Will this be a story miracle of them winning despite the odds? Will they be last like last time (although only Kakeru ran then)? Or what will the outcome be?

I guess I have to wait another week to find out. Woe is me. :joy:


Finally finished this chapter and the highlight for me was the imagery of the mat being a physical burden for Kakeru as well as a symbol of his emotional burdens. It was a perfect set up to finally reveal what actually happened to his mother.

I also loved seeing Naho having the confidence to be more direct in the end vs her usual hesitation that she might burden someone with her words.


Favorite face of the chapter …

I can just hear Naho going ガーーーン :joy:

like this