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Read through page 115, faithfully filling in the vocab list for the first two pages until
they found Kakeru’s letter and then …


Hats off to Takano-sensei. I forgot all about what language I was even reading in.


It’s so quiet here! Have folks not finished reading yet, or just feeling too mournful to say anything? :thinking:

I finished the chapter today. Language-wise, I’m starting to feel almost … comfortable?! Pausing my novel reading and focusing on this instead is definitely a confidence booster. (Although at the same time, even though I stopped doing new WK lessons, my accuracy in reviews has taken a hit lately. I guess after 21 levels the novelty finally wore off and it got boring? Not really sure.)


Chapter 3 talk

I can totally see why people would feel frustrated at/with a character who can’t even assert herself enough to ask for the drink she wants. Like, it would actually create more trouble for him to have to guess what she would like than if she just told him what to get, right? But I have no right to be irritated with her, because I was totally that teenage girl myself. (Almost literally the exact same. I went on exchange to Germany for a month, and we always had different flavored fruit teas every morning. On the last morning we had apple tea and I finally said “this one is my favorite!” and I think my host mom just about lost it because she had been trying to figure out what I liked the entire time.)

So anyway, all that to say … I hope that we see Naho grow throughout the series! Just to see her gain a little more confidence would be pretty gratifying.

Favorite face of the chapter: page 127, Suwa when he says ジャンケン !


Read until 115 today.

Spoilers for story up to page 115

Kakeru’s letter indeed. Also Hagita taking a bit more of a center stage. Also, did you guys notice how Kakeru addressed them all? Hagita and Suwa both by last name (Kakeru is the only male going by first name), with Hagita getting kun-ed. And then girls all by first name.

I also didn’t quite follow what it was that Hagita taught Kakeru? Something about pushing? Although I assume there is some slang/similar I’m not catching. I thought maybe it had to do with humor?

Also, now we know. Traffic accident. Well, doesn’t sound like it was much of an accident. Death/suicide by traffic. (I could see that vocab on WK, recently got death by shooting. >_> )

Not finished reading. Just been too preoccupied by other things. I hope to read the rest tomorrow or at least go through another chunk.


I initially read up until the midway time period transition then didn’t get to reading the rest until today. (It’s been a busy week for me, so less time for reading.)

With the context being that Hagita looks serious but likes comedy (お笑い), Hagita taught Kakeru the “rules of comedy”, such as “When I tell you not to push, you pretend to push.”

I put the line into a web search, and got this screenshot from the Orange anime:


This looks to match up with the gist of the screenshot:

Here’s another, where the guy is expecting to be pushed in:

Related reading:


Wow, thank you! I’ll have to reread those panels with this knowledge. I’m sure it’ll make so much more sense. Because without knowing the comedy routine, I couldn’t figure out what it all amounted to. So not understanding from lack of cultural knowledge. I’ll take that upgrade from not understanding grammar or words. (Even if it can be a pain to figure out what you’re missing when it is cultural.)


Things we need to learn to properly understand Orange:

  • Japanese music groups and their songs
  • Japanese comedy groups and their routines
  • Japanese hand-written letter time travel mechanics

I finished the rest of the chapter today. I’ll be crying every chapter I think. What a thing I choose to read and to read with a club. :sweat_smile: :sob: :sweat_smile: On the other hand, I’d be afraid I wouldn’t read it all without all you guys being along with me.

Chapter 3 spoilers: thoughts, predictions and other such things

First, something I forgot from the first part of the chapter. In Kakeru’s letter in the time capsule, he didn’t seem to pay any extra attention to Naho. I found that pretty interesting. Not sure what it means, but something I noted.

Kakeru when he’s to go buy drinks. Gotta love his persistence with Naho. Basically making it clear that he won’t go away until she tells him something she’d like to drink. May we all have a Kakeru in our lives that make sure we actually admit what we like when we feel too shy/embarrassed/unsure/scared to admit anything.

Also Suwa still being the heartbreaking guy. Being nice to Kakeru and always there for Naho.

I had no expected Kakeru to get together with someone else! :exploding_head: How? Why? What?!

I had a boyfriend like that. And while it wasn’t the reason we broke up (he broke up with me), it was something that was a problem. I felt like he didn’t trust me, why else wouldn’t he say?

Picking one face per chapter? That is almost cruel because there are so many good faces, but I think mine is Naho’s on page 126, bottom right. Somehow it manages to convey her annoyance at Kakeru for liking another girl’s face and also insecurity at how her own face looks. (And then followed by the plastic surgery comment. :joy: )

And lastly at the end of the chapter, a reason for why this series is called Orange. Sweet, sour and heartache. :face_holding_back_tears: