Orange 🍊 村坂あずさ + 須和弘人 (Chapter 29 + 30)

村坂あずさ + 須和弘人 (Chapter 29 + 30)

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Feb 25th 村坂あずさ 35 - 56 22
Feb 25th 須和弘人 57 - 78 22

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I really liked these two chapters. And as have happened several times before, for each chapter, I had to figure out what time we were at.

Azu’s chapter:

So now we’re at 卒業. I hadn’t expected these chapters to be after Kakeru was rescued, have all of them been so far? Azu’s way of asking Kakery point blank about happiness felt so her. She wants to know something, she’ll just straight up ask. :joy:

Also Ueda-senpai… get over yourself.

Suwa’s chapter:

After all we’ve seen, I feel like I could really believe Suwa in this. I can finally understand why he’d be willing to set aside his romantic feelings for Naho. Also those faces he (remembers?) as he’s talking to Naho at the end on the bridge of all his other friends? :joy: He really remembers them looking quite pissed off.

And Hagita?!?!?! First in Azu’s chapter we see his own very quirky protect Azu actions. And honestly Azu, why did you hold out so long? Or maybe it was Hagita that held out? In either case, stop being so dense and get together before you are 26 years old. :joy:

Anyway, what I wanted to mention about Hagita was the best line I’ve read in a while: 俺は泣いてない、メガネが泣いてる。:joy: Not, “I’m not crying you’re crying.” or “It is so windy today.” or any of the other ones we use in English, no “I’m not crying, my glasses are crying.” :joy:


Azu’s chapter:

The message of this chapter was nice.

I think so? I wasn’t sure at first either but it would make sense.

Suwa`s chapter:

I think in the end Suwa has grown to be one of my favorite characters. I really feel for him. Almost considered the whole ‘I’d marry you even if Kakeru was alive’ thing future Naho said but I don’t think so.

I was actually really confused about why they were shown there but in the end I thought that they were actually there but far away, so since he said he was going to confess they were watching him from afar with a suspicious face and so when he said すき he was messing with them (they were close enough to overhear?) before clarifying he was talking about the hairpin and not Naho, so then they were crying because he was so self-sacrificing.
BUT maybe I got it totally wrong :joy: I was really uncertain, had to go over it several times and still wasn’t sure

That was hilarious, and the faces too


I’m also unsure. Kakeru and Hagita obviously have to be watching, and I guess Takako and Azu could be too. I just feel like something about the severity of their expressions felt too fanciful, aka more angry/frowny than I would have expected them to be. So while perhaps they are all watching, I feel like it is Suwa imagining their faces rather than their actual faces, if that makes sense? But I honestly have no clue. xD

I will admit I had trouble figuring out exactly what they were saying about happiness, could you please enlighten me? :pray:


The way I understood it is that Azu and Kakeru were wondering what happiness was for them and whether they had to wait for it to come or go and try to find it, but after the events of the chapter Azu realizes that the things that make her happy (her friends etc. ) are already all around her and she just has to notice them. So she tells kakeru that happiness is not something you find, but something you notice.
I took the liberty of seeing this as… sometimes we think we have to do something or get somewere to be happy but maybe we just need to look around and appreciate the things that already make us happy right now.
Or maybe I’m wrong and projecting :joy:


Nah, I think that fit with the understanding I did get. I just knew I was kinda missing the details, but that seems to fit. Thanks. :smiley:


Azu’s chapter:
Not really a spoiler, but I’ll tag it anyway!

I read Hagita’s 「つむじを押すな! 下痢になる!」 on Page 53 several times, thinking I must be misunderstanding it since it couldn’t possibly say “Don’t push my hair whorl! I’ll get Diarrhea”
Then I googled it, and YUP, thats exactly what it said, because apparently thats a common childhood belief in Japan.
This is not something I was expecting to learn today! :grin: