Orange 🍊 成瀬翔 #1 (Chapter 31)

成瀬翔 #1 (Chapter 31)

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Chapter spoilers

Is this the first time we get to be in Kakeru’s perspective? I can’t remember if we’ve gotten a few This would be the second time we’re in Kakeru’s perspective, right? I suddenly remembered that time in volume 5(? or was it 4?), when we get to read the text message Kakeru’s mom never sent that sends Kakeru spinning.

And once again, having to figure out what time we are in. Thankfully I just remembered that they had been in their second year of 高校 so the graduation was just from that year, and now we’re probably in year 3? My guess.

Although I feel like Naho is dressing more like her college-and-or-mom self than her high school self during that date.

And Kakeru’s dad? Wasn’t he the one that abused his mom (according to his mom)? I… how will this go? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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I have no idea what it tastes like, but this commercial makes me want to open a bottle at least…


This felt so short! But it’s kinda nice to be back to regular narration for a bit. No idea what to expect from the dad.

This had me pretty confused, didn’t know if we were in the near or far future for a moment.


I loved Naho’s response when Kakeru told her about the letter from his father.

“Wait, what? You can get letters that aren’t from the future”