Orange 🍊 須和弘人 #1 (Chapter 24)

須和弘人 #1 (“Chapter 24”)

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Chapter spoilers

Is this manga for real? :sob: I shouldn’t have been so negative about not getting much Suwa, because now I feel like I get more Suwa than I can handle. :sob:

I’m trying to figure out if I have anything more to say, but honestly, only :sob:.

From Letter 17



From this week's chapter



I had a feeling during letter 17 that Naho didn’t really mean what she said. I wonder whether next week’s letter will reconcile things to show Naho actually did believe it to be the case, or if it will instead further show the extent of Suwa’s regret over trying to do with Naho all the wishes Kakeru confided with him.

Personal anecdote into reply on story content

I was in love with someone long after we broke up, because while there was a kind of inner spark that just connected; as people we didn’t really fit together, at least not at the time we broke up. And after a while, when I kept being single and he kept having other girlfriends, we would talk intermittently, and finally I realized that while I might always carry a bit of torch for that guy, because that mutual understanding we had was amazing, I will never get together with him. There is such a thing as loving someone while realizing a relationship would not work.

So Naho could have been entirely truthful, that she’d come to the realization that even if Kakeru had lived, their relationship would never have lasted. If nothing else, as people we change if we let ourselves, but sometimes it takes giving up on things that can never happen.

But I will admit, I’m also not sure if Naho was telling the truth in Letter 17. Especially with this chapter’s revelation that she had definitely not moved on yet.


Why is this manga like this :sob: At first I misunderstood and thought this was the living-Kakeru timeline and was more and more confused that Kakeru was nowhere to be seen and they seemed to have separated anyway… then I realized I got it wrong and had to re read like a 3rd of the chapter which now made a lot more sense, woops. Suwa is great and this whole being second to Kakeru makes me sad, they are both great. I was kinda hoping to see living-Kakeru timeline get a happy ending not somehow get sad from supposedly happily married Suwa timeline :sob: That rejection was absolutely brutal, damn, Naho. I hope she changes her mind next chapter, it was hard to stop here but I’ll be good.

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