Options besides vacation mode?

I am on level 25. I did levels 1-23 in about 3 weeks each, but now want to take my time 4-6 weeks for each level. But I’m still getting 300+ reviews a day, so I keep using vacation mode to slow it down. Are there other options for slowing down the reviews?



Just do fewer reviews at a time. When the items come up again for their next review, they’ll do so in those smaller batches.

Vacation mode doesn’t slow down the reviews, it merely postpones them.


If you’re overwhelmed, stop doing all the lessons. Wait until you have your reviews under control before you do more lessons.


In addition to possibly pausing lessons, I’d recommend checking out some of the leech scripts. These can tell you how many “problem items” you have that could be increasing your workload significantly. You can also put extra study time into tackling your leeches while you pause or slow down lessons.

See your leech counts on the dashboard:

Study extra outside of the SRS (in general):

Adds an extra filter to specifically study leeches using the above Self Study script:


You might also try to reduce your leech count. Check how many you have with Wanikani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown. They could be significantly contributing to your daily reviews. If they are, you can drill them with Wanikani Self-Study Quiz, also using Wanikani Open Framework Additional Filters. I find it useful to drill Apprentice through Guru leeches with a Time Until Review of 75% - you can play with this setting to whatever gives you a drilling queue that is reasonable. That way the SRS isn’t interefered with too much, but still giving you a way to do extra study.

You can calculate roughly how much of a drain your leeches are on your daily reviews with:

Approx extra daily reviews from leeches = (Apprentice leeches) + (Guru1 leeches)/7 + (Guru2 leeches)/14

I’ve been able to significantly reduce my leech count over a period of several months with a daily 15 minute review of my leeches. That more than counters the time drain the leeches would have otherwise.

Edit: you Leebo’d me, seanblue

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Thank you, I will try the leech option. What do you mean by “pausing lessons.”

Just don’t do new lessons until your review workload is more manageable. Many people take breaks from lessons from time to time to get their review workload down.

Ok, Thanks

And I’ve installed the leech script. How do I use it? : )

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Make sure to check out the descriptions and pictures from the script threads. If you’re still unsure I can help you out more tomorrow.

Okay, must confess complete ignorance about scripts and script threads. I think I’ve read through them, but I still don’t know what I’m looking at. I see new numbers on my dashboard, but I don’t know what they mean or how to find the leeches so I can study them. I’ve also installed the self study quiz script. . . help! Sorry ; (

This shows you that a very large percentage of your Apprentice items are leeches, which is why you’re overwhelmed even after slowing down. You want to use Self Study to review the leeches. Assuming you also installed the Additional Filters script, you can use it to specifically review your leeches. Go to the Self Study thread and use the pictures to get started. The guide is pretty detailed.

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thank you for your quick reply. I’ll install Additional filter script and see what I can do to get rid of those pesky leeches!

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