Pausing Lessons

After doing the first 27 level straight, the amount of review per day became a little too much for my daily routine… so I try now to pause the incoming lessons, and still doing my review, waiting for the amount of daily review to decrease a bit…
Is there somebody outthere that tried this method ? what’s your feedback ?


Yes, I do this too. I’m really only comfortable doing about 50-60 reviews at a time - more than that and I start to lose focus. On some days I’m too busy to do more than one review session, so progress can be pretty slow. However, I’m also trying to do more studying and get more exposure outside of WK, so I think it’s ok to go slowly.


Thnaks for the feedback.
I notice also that I do less mistake as the number of review decrease… So maybe it’s more effective to lower the pace of reviews at some point.

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I do this almost always.

I’ve seen several threads that talk about trying to keep the number of items in apprentice below a certain number that the individual is comfortable with, as the 4 apprentice levels are the ones that are going to get quizzed frequently in the next couple days. So for example I keep my threshold at about 120 max, so if I’m getting close to that number I hold off doing my reviews until I’ve moved some into guru/enlightened. It’s a pretty convenient method because your review size is controlled (for the most part…) by a defined value; as you increase your apprentice threshold the faster you go but the more reviews you have and vice-versa.

I also try to do reviews in batches of at most 30, and then do the next 30 once I’ve hit the first review of that batch. This chunks the reviews into being a little more spaced out instead of one giant block of reviews at once.

It definitely makes leveling much slower, but it’s much less overwhelming and IMO makes it easier to memorize in smaller batches.


I reached level 60 a while ago, going full speed, but ended up with 200+ reviews per day and it was taking its toll on my Japanese learning, so I reset to level 35, spent a good amount of time squashing leeches, and when my reviews count got manageable, around 30/day, started again.

If going full speed and doing an insane amount of reviews per day is keeping you from paying attention to grammar and vocabulary (and enjoying learning the language) then the wisest thing to do might be to stop doing lessons for a while.

I know there are scripts for this and that, but this is a problem the platform creators should address. I feel it’s a flaw in the system, giving users more than they can take is not healthy. There should be an option to let users they way they can learn or automatically adapt the platform to their pace. After all that’s the magic of software engineering.


Just curious, what was your method for finding/squashing leeches? I’m struggling pretty hard with a couple of them right now

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I didn’t used any specific method, to be honest. After not having anything new to store in memory my brain got used to the content I had already learnt.

I feel exhaustion has a lot to do with leeches!

Going back to level 35 I still got a lot of reviews to do, sometimes 100 a day for weeks, but as time passed by they went down to 30. That’s when I started doing lessons again.

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