Opening Lessons on a new tab (via middle click) seems to be broken

Middle clicking
sends me to, which doesn’t work (for me).

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It works for me when I click on the link on the homepage. However, it doesn’t work when I click on your link here

Edit: Plus the link on my homepage is this:

[Forgive me if i’m misunderstanding what you’re asking about]

I’m hovering on the “Start Session” button, and as you can see on the bottom, the link is:

When you click on it normally, it sends you to, but when you click on it with the middle mouse button, it sends you to the link I mentioned above, which doesn’t work.

My issue is with the lesson sessions themselves, not the lessons summary page.
(I guess it is with the lessons summary page, but a different issue.)

Clicking the “Start Session” button with the middle mouse button must ignore the redirection that usually happens when you click on it. Perhaps it was a previous page they used, or something.

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Yeah this is a bug.

It is noted. Thanks for taking the time to let us know.


Always my pleasure to find random issues in websites. :+1:

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