Lessons session timing out

Whenever I click on “Lessons”, I keep getting a greyed out screen saying the session has timed out.

If I click on “reload sessions”, I just return to the same screen.

I’ve tried clearing the cache, using a different browser, disabling scripts, logging out then logging back in, and restarting my machine, but it hasn’t fixed the problem.

I get the same issues when using Chrome on my phone, too.

Reviews are working just fine. It’s just lessons having the problem.

This is the first time something like this has happened in my two-and-a-bit years using WaniKani so I’m at a loss. Anything I can do?

Sounds odd. Do you have lessons open on a different device somewhere? I heard this issue was supposed to have been fixed, but it might be interfering here. Maybe try ‘logging out on all devices’, if that’s an option.

I had this problem 2 months ago, gave up on WaniKani, came back today and did my reviews, and now the countdown says I finished the lesson seconds ago even though I have been away for at least an hour. It won’t let me do anything. Last time, this issue lasted for days. I’m only logged in on one device; I don’t have it on other devices. Any ideas?

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