I can't do lessons on pc, only reviews


So, I’ve been on wanikani for about two weeks now and I’m loving it. However, it appears I can’t load my lessons on my pc, and I have to turn to my phone for that. Basically, the lesson starts on a single kanji/radical and then I can’t get it to change…

Does anyone know what I have to do? It kinda demotivates me from doing my lessons right away…

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I saw someone already mentioned the arrows, you can also use the enter button on your keyboard.


me too, i only do reviews on pc because the jitai script so I can see different fonts.

But for lessons I prefer on flaming durtles every time, the text is more centered and “all together” and I dont have to change between tabs to see meaning and readings, etc.

If there was a way to see on pc web browser like this it would be nice


You can also navigate the tabs with arrow keys, if that helps at all.

Have you tested other browsers? If not I’d start with that.

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Thank you, that was exactly it. I don’t really understand why, but it appears I can’t do lessons on Chrome. Tried using Firefox and it worked (yes, guys, I knew how to use the arrows). Huge hassle though… but better than having to use my phone.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Try updating/reinstalling Chrome if it’s a huge hassle. I’m sure you know things don’t just stop working for no reason for a single person.

First I’d try opening WaniKani lessons in Chrome in incognito mode to see if it’s addons or stored data that could be interfering. If it’s not an addon you could try clearing your cache, and then the update or reinstallation after that.

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Fair, I jumped over some steps.

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