Lessons stuck (quiz button greyed out)

I’ve been using wani kani for years and I’ve never encountered this before. I just started a new level and after doing about 15 reviews, I went to the next batch, but the enter key is just toggling me back and forth between the reading and meaning pages of the newest kanji lesson. Furthermore, if I try to mouse over the quiz button, it is greyed out.

Is this normal behavior? Are we limited in the number of lessons we can do at once?

Sometimes pressing enter does not work for me either. You need to go through all the lessons before you can start the quiz. If you cannot scroll through them with the enter key, you can just press the arrow buttons on the sides of the lesson to go forward.

I hope I understood you correctly. There should not be any limit how many lessons you can do at one sitting, just as long as you still have new lessons.

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I’m not sure if what you’re describing would be caused by this, but just in case:

Do you have more than one instance of lessons and / or reviews active? Be it in another tab, on another computer, or on your phone.

I know that the system can (or at least could) get very confused if you’re in the middle of lessons or reviews on any other tab or device.

Whatever is going on, I hope it’ll be resolved soon!

Edit: and if it persists and you use scripts, the next step is of course turning them off and testing then. If it works then, turn scripts back on one by one.

The same thing happened to me yesterday, I just clicked the skip button through all of the lessons and then the quiz came up


@WaniKaniJavi Possibly related to the changes you released yesterday?

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I have reported a very similar bug during the test phase of the lesson update (on the preview server):

I was a bit surprised that they decided to publish the update without first fixing this bug, because it is quite annoying. But as already mentioned before, the bug can be circumvented (at least in my case) by clicking the arrow buttons in the interface.


Same issue for me but using arrow keys instead of Enter.

As for me, enabling compatibility mode (WaniKani — Log in) seems to have fixed it. While the quiz button is still greyed out, pressing the right-arrow key on the last item seems to work again.
(I do use scripts, but them being turned off doesn’t seem to change anything.)

@Sinyaven @Mr-Pickles @MatthiasvZ sorry that was a major oversight, there was a bug fix for this that I deployed last Friday, are you still having the same issue?

(Thanks for the mention @seanblue)


It seems to be fixed – I was not able to reproduce the issue anymore :slight_smile:

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