Oops, lost my master rank

WaniKani’s lack of a “I didn’t mean to get that wrong button” has helped me a lot during my first few levels, however, when I type in Awx meaning Axe and lose a master rank I am not happy, my suggestion is to allowing an unlocking of this at level 4, 5, or 10 or to make the mistake detection better if the first isn’t possible

Oh yes, there’s no leeway for 3 letter words, you either type them correctly or fail them

And, though your idea is nice, it entails too much work, I suggest trying to install the override script that you can find here

That adds a button with the functionality you’re describing, but must be used wisely


For better or worse, they will not add an “undo” or “ignore” button to the website. The creator of WaniKani has said time and time again (including just two days ago to me via email) that this is against their core philosophy.

The mistake detection is more lenient as the correct answer gets longer, but for answers that are only three characters, no mistake is allowed. If you want, you can install the override script (which let’s you ignore wrong answers and try again later) or double check (which allows you to mark you answers as right, wrong, or try again right away).

As Ninkastmin said though, you have to use them wisely. If you use them too freely (like “oh I definitely knew that!”), you’re only going to hurt your learning.


The temptation would be too great to avoid a big setback like this case of going from Master back to Guru.

Just wait til you fail a burn to a typo. Ultimately it’s not worth worrying about, typos only happen if you don’t double check and if you double check your submission all the time you get quick at it. Master -> guru really is not that big of a deal though, much worse will happen due to brain farts and fast fingers, I promise.


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