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I’m fairly new to Japanese and am keen to find out if there is a web quiz type thing for verb conjugation practice. I am having a lot of success with this type of learning (wanikani and kaniwani, the app for other vocabulary and grammar, I really quickly learnt katakana with this) because it means I can target my central weakness (memory), making my other study to do with grammar and reading satisfying and enjoyable. Even if there’s something as basic as giving a verb in dictionary form and asking for different conjugations would be a good start.

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On Kitsun you can try the deck “Japanese Verb Conjugations” by hinekidori, but it’s also testing the English meaning of the verbs. I don’t really get the hang of it and there are 23000+ cards, but maybe you like it.

This is a list of approximately 500 verbs set up to run through 48 conjugation forms. Irregular verbs are not currently included, since I have to set them up a little differently.


There’s also this:

I think tofugu had an article about useful phone apps. I think I looked at Japanese Conjugation City for my Android phone. I didn’t end up using it much, so I don’t remember if it’s good or bad, to be honest.


I’ve used Don’s, it’s good for the purpose and I like that it quizzes you from various forms to other forms and not just dictionary to form.

I also never got the hang of the linked kitsun conjugation deck, and highly prefer dons.


Thanks I’ll give it a try. It looks like there’s a lot of vocabulary in there I don’t already know, not sure how that’ll go but keen to try.

This is closer to what I was imagining, thanks a bunch. It’s wild how many high quality web resources there are for Japanese. It’s truly the nerd’s language of choice.

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I installed it back whenever the mentioned it. I’ve yet to open it for the first time. Shame on me.

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You can try

Basically, you put in your WK API and it tests you on verbs (and adjectives) that you’ve learned on WK. You can test stuff from a specific level, or everything up to your current level.

Welcome to ‘WaniConjugation’, a site for Japanese language learners to practice conjugating verbs and adjectives. This collection of 955 verbs and 580 adjectives, their meanings, and their ‘levels’ originates from the Great Crabigator over at WaniKani. As such, this tool is optimized for users of that site. If you’re not already a member and are trying to learn Japanese kanji, what are you waiting for? Go sign up!


Lots of settings to play around with!


Thanks, this is perfect. The exact thing I was hoping existed.

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