Conjugation - the best way to learn


Please suggest me the best way to memorise verb conjugation? Should i learn the main principle from a text book first (that there are 3 types of verbs depends on ending sound which then influence on how they will be changing) or maybe i just need to learn it from vacabulary?
Frankly speaking I cannot believe that in real life i will be avaliable identify the sound which verb ends and base conjugation on that…
Im learning Japanese by Minna no Nihongo textbook at language school and also do WaniKani.

Thank you very much for advices.


This article helped me alot:

I would build my own verbcards in Anki. For each kind of verb and each kind of conjugation you should do 1-2 cards + example sentences. So you get a feeling for the conjugation without thinking about it. Don’t overlearn theory just by reading through a grammar book.


I use the Genki conjugation app (it’s $5.99 though). I’m happy with it and think it’s really worth the money. It has 18 verb conjugation types and 10 adjective conjugation types which you can practice. It also has a spoken recording of the form/word you’re studying which I find very helpful!


The Genki app is life-saving :heart:


There’s the user created WaniConjugation applet that has you practice conjugating verbs and adjectives that you’ve already learned on WaniKani. You can also look up individual words to see how the conjugation affects its meaning. I have yet to try it out so I’m not sure how effective it is, but it seems useful - and it’s free! :smile:


Free practice website by a fellow Wanikanian:


But this is exactly the problem - to memorize and apply the rule…


Do you have the Genki textbooks? That’s how I learn conjugation: first I read the chapter, then I make a chart with all the new conjugation and then it’s just doing reviews and exercises till it’s burned in my brain… the more you use the new conjugation you learned, the easier it becomes for you to use them: so drill, drill, drill! Also, don’t be afraid to reference your charts often, it’s really the repeated use of the conjugation that will make you memorize it.

edit : just saw that you use the MnoN textbooks : maybe try using textfugu or Tae Kim! You really need to learn the base principle of the three endings too, or else you’re fucked for the rest of your studies.


For other users of the genki textbooks the learning exercises also usually involve this so if you do additional review I think it helps. I’m just on chapter four though so I only have to worry about present/past/positive/negative


When you get to later chapters (I’m on chapter 10), you should review the older chapters pretty regularly unless you wanna get swamped by all the conjugation ! The Genki textbook and workbook exercises alone really aren’t enough to cement the verb forms in your memory.


Thank you! Checking chapters of Tae Kim now…
Also interested to check Genki textbook, many people mention it here but… Minna no Nihongo, Wani Kani and some my Anki cards is already to much for my current schedule(((


I can understand that, finals are approaching for me and I’m swamped by all the work :cry: so I gave up on doing more chapters of Genki until the winter break, but I found that I could still make use of the two hours of public transportation every day with apps like the Genki grammar app, Memrise and iKnow. I honestly cannot recommend the Genki app enough, not only does it provide you with every conjugation possible, it also gives you audio and sentences that use the conjugation forms you’re studying, and it’s only 6 bucks!