Ongoing Sales Thread

Let’s collect a list of discounts currently/soon being offered by various language learning resources

Resource Sale Price Normal Price Dates
WaniKani Lifetime $199 (prorated) $299 Dec 16 – ?
WaniKani Subscription some % off $89/yr or $9/mo after lifetime sale ends (expected)
LingoDeer Lifetime (Includes both Regular App and Plus) $99.99 $199.99+$119.99 Dec 7 – 31
Bunpro Lifetime $120 $150 near future (expected)
JapanesePod101 different discount offer every day (sometimes they extend the offer past one day) - 4 offers remaining
Rocket Japanese 60% off - unknown, but they usually are having some sort of sale
Pimsleur 12%-50% off - ends Dec 13?
Drops 58%-65% off - ?

Jumped on Lingodeer and WK lifetime. I also did the BunPro lifetime.

I think I have enough tools to keep me going through next year, if nothing else :smiley:

Was BunPro having a sale on lifetime?

No, they didn’t have a sale. I just started using it and really liking it and decided I should do the right thing and pay for it.

I haven’t seen them do sales or discounts at all, which is kind of surprising.

Japanesepod101 has been having sales from 45-55% these past days.
Bunpro should be having lifetime discounted to $120 not too far off in the future.
Satori reader discounted $9 - $6.75 and $89 - $75.65 (-15% Off)
page: Satori Reader | New Subscription

You can get both the normal LingoDeer App and the Plus app for 100$? Ugh I regret buying the normal lifetime subscription in august now. :frowning:

You could always try emailing their support and asking nicely if they can do anything.

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Is that your own referral code?

Sorry, this was obtained from Tokini Andy’s youtube page; however, it seems there is just one and only referral page for this.

Drops Language app is having 58% off for the year and 65% off for lifetime.

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