So when are we getting the review "correct & incorrect" back?

I’m not sure about you all, but I found it quite helpful at the end of my reviews to get a list of all the things I got wrong so I could take a bit of extra time to look them over.

It’s been how many months now that this feature has been removed? It’s REALLY starting to irk me now. What’s the point of doing this if I can’t go back and look at my mistakes to make some extra time to re-read the mnemonic or just look at the kanji/word even.

For now… I’m sure someone made a userscript to bring back review rights and wrongs?


It was 64 days ago. I know that because that’s how long my Anki streak is.


you mean the summary page?

looks like in 20XX it will be back

so far I have been using smoudering durtles on smartphone so I can get the same info at the end of review session.

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WK are apparently working on something to replace it, but no one’s really getting their hopes up since they don’t have the greatest track record with implementing features, etc. they say they will

In the meantime, there’s this userscript that was made to somewhat replace it:

There are also the mobile apps (Smouldering Durtles on Android and Tsurukame on Apple) that still have review summaries, but Tsurukame at least only shows wrong answers.

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