Correct Answer Percentage

When I used to complete reviews it would tell me my accuracy. Now I cannot figure out where to find it? Where is it, and more importantly, why was it removed?

Of all the things I truly dislike about the new interface, this is my #1 annoyance. That and maybe putting the kanji at the very bottom, even below example sentences. Really?


Yeah, it sucks. But gotta pander to the masses of people on mobile that slowly chugging along, more income. That is why.

They decided it wasn’t needed, got huge backlash and are working on a solution. The page will never come back, but the stats will be somewhere in the future, hopefully, maybe.

Also want a redo-button.

Hopefully, it will come back in one form or another. It’s a part of a highly requested feature and unrelated to cheating or something. Not to mention that the new UI still needs brushing up and clearing of bugs.

Use this for the time being.

Would you consider moving the thread to Feedback ?

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Sigh. Thanks for your replies. I really gave the new interface a shot but it just feels like a step backwards in so many respect and I don’t know what we gained.


We apparently gained a complete code refactoring that will make it much easier to add new and exciting features going forward.

A Review summary however seems to be proving rather difficult to implement, so don’t hold your breath.

If it’s more difficult to add a function again that has been removed after you refactored your code something smells odd…


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