No new lessons until 75% on critical condition items?

I quit on this site before because I kept on getting piles on piles of words that I kept on getting wrong + new words being added to them. Some of my % on words was extremely low

So I am going to try to get all words in critical condition to 75% or off the list entirely before I continue.

Bad idea?


good idea!
You won’t be moving at top speeds but it will be easier to stay motivated and to keep the review pile small



Is there a way to set this up for myself? I don’t mind seeing the Lesson # but it would be cool that it says 0 until I have all critical condition items over 75%

If you use uBlock Origin or other adblockers, you can add this rule:[href="/lesson"]
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Just made a tiny script that hides the reviews when your lowest item is under 75%
I can’t do anything about the actual number flashing up when loading the page though. (Doesn’t require wkof)

Edit: renamed and reuploaded it because i was stoopid


lol i called it the wrong thing but it does the right thing… i am stupid


Awesome thank you so very much!!! :smiley:

Wouldn’t that make reviews permanently hidden in certain situations? For an extreme example, if you’ve done twenty reviews for an item, but only have it 50% correct, you need to do another twenty correct reviews to reach 75%, but it’ll be burned after only nine.


Mhh, so items don’t burn out based on the % on critical condition, but just based on how often you get the word correct in generally?

So this method wouldn’t really work, that is to ignore new lessons, until I have 75% or higher on my critical condition items?

I don’t know enough of wanikani to know what I am talking about or what I am trying to do xD


More precisely, the number of times you get it correct in a row.

Basically, if you get an item correct, it moves up a tier; if you get it wrong, it moves down either one or two tiers, depending on what tier it’s currently at. There’s nine tiers total - Apprentice 1-4, Guru 1-2, Master, Enlightened, Burned - so nine correct reviews will get you from lesson to burned. So even if I get something wrong a hundred times, and then get it right nine times in a row, it’s still burned.

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No, it would make Lessons permanently hidden

i know i am days late but i made the plugin so that it only hides reviews if they actually appear in the critical category and if the item is burned it will be removed on it’s own so it shouldn’t be a problem (at least for that).
The problem of items staying in the critical category for an irrationally long time might still exist but even though i am REALLY slow at WK and get a lot of stuff wrong i never got into that situation so i hope it will be fine for most people.
(Otherwise i would have to actually use WKOF for that plugin and that would make it a lot slower and less lightweight)

Well, if the lessons reappear when the item gets burned, that might be ok, but you’re still potentially hiding lessons for as long as six months…

Sorry, you forget about going down. If I get it right 8 times in a row (to Enlightenment as an example) then wrong one (so, not burned, but Mastered), then I can still burn in two times — it won’t just reset to Locked

I forgot nothing. I just simplified for the point of argument, so I wouldn’t require an endless series of if-then-else statements. But here you go, for your benefit: if you get it right eight times in a row, and subsequently you get it wrong once, then the required “times correct in a row” is now two. Else if you get it right seven times…

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