Official WK Discord?

I know a couple people have made Discord servers, but is there an official WK Discord?

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@DaisukeJigen’s reply is brief but accurate. :slight_smile: The WK team doesn’t seem to want to pursue that avenue.

They also actively warn against making any Discord appear like an official affiliate, since paying customers might think ill of WK if any drama happens, and the perception might get out there that WK doesn’t properly moderate their things.


Are there any go-to or popular ones? I’m wanting to try write/read in a welcoming enviroment xD

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Sorry to revive - but Discord has continued to grow and it feels like it would be useful to have a chat room function to learn, so it feels like a good time to check back in on this. Assumedly no official Discord - any popular unofficial?

I’m curious why people would prefer Discord over these forums. I feel like Discourse lends itself for a lot better discussion and allows others to read those interesting threads later, as well.

Well, I guess it serves a bit of a different purpose being an instant chat, but I think it’s the right decision not to endorse any official one, since it has the danger to dry up the talk here…

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Your concern is certainly valid, but I almost feel the two would serve a separate function. Discord works best when it’s very informal and for instant social chat or enquiries. This forum serves as a good resource hub that doesn’t require constant monitoring and can be checked back on at leisure.

Discord also offers voice chat, which I think would be valuable.


True. I remember one of the biggest reasons against it from the staff’s perspective was that they can’t really monitor/moderate those servers. Previously I think there were cases of people arguing etc. on those servers and then those problems spilling over to the forums, and then that get’s a bit complicated when you lose half the picture…

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