Discord groups not allowed?

I am confused :neutral_face:
a) is this a new rule and why?
b) Does this mean there is an official Discord server?
c) is this rule applying to all learning groups or is discord the key-problem here?
d) Shouldn’t you encourage the creation and advertisement of learning groups because they help us improve our language skills? I think I once read something about this in a tofugu article…

EDIT: To clarify: Many people seem to assume that i am bitter because i am not allowed to advertise my server. I do not own or moderate a server, i am just a fan of discord (not a certain server but the software in general) and i find this rule unfair and unclear. It’s also not written in the FAQ.

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What exactly is a discord group?

@SwiftElk Discord is a chat program mainly used by gamers. https://discordapp.com/

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Oh I see. I thought perhaps @Pandabrain meant discord group literally as in a group who argues together. I can see how admin wouldn’t want chat groups being shared, not that I really have an opinion on the matter.

It could be the same reason they don’t permit private messaging on these forums, they want to avoid legal troubles.

Yeah but they allow the Japanisation Classroom Discord?

Pretty sure chat room are far from illegal.

But things that happen in them, since they are out of WaniKani’s control but have the sense of being associated with WaniKani, are best avoided entirely. Think harassment.


That’s probably why or a related reason for why the unofficial WaniKani Discord wasn’t allowed but the Japanisation Classroom was…

Although when I think about it, it doesn’t really make sense considering how we have two main WaniKani LINE chats that are promoted/encouraged (though not directly by staff) and some WK offshoots as well. I don’t really see how that’s different from Discord and they have more members and activity than the Discord chat…

I think them trying to babysit adult paying customers (or at least someone who stole their parents credit card) is ridiculous. We don’t see Blizzard worrying about every guild that has a discord channel.

But it’s their forums so they can refuse to have private messages and only promote certain channels.

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Also two or three different Slacks, a mumble…

I wonder if it had something to do with confusion between Discourse and Discord??? Only because I’ve seen some users make that mistake already.

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Did everyone here forget the drama about mysticmaya? (DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOU DO NOT CARE IF YOU KNOW BECAUSE I AM NOT EXPLAINING IT AT RISK OF GETTING IN TROUBLE) that didn’t exactly put the WK discord in good light, and probably this is the aftereffect of that.

When you’re running a business you’re free to throw caution to the wind if you like. It’s not like WK’s taking legal action against people who do this, they’re just expressing their preference for something that avoids any possible issue.

The fact that they haven’t said the same thing about other chat platforms doesn’t necessarily imply endorsement.

I searched for your original post about this to try and see if I could figure out the issue, but it seems to have been deleted in addition to closed.

Perhaps because it’s in the public, search engine optimized part of the forum, they don’t want something to be named WaniKani Anything, when the WK staff aren’t running it and have nothing to do with it - that could make sense. If it has the brand name on it anything said within would look like something they could potentially be responsible for, you know?

I guess it was really different when the forums were fully private. Only we knew about things then, it was a much smaller audience. They didn’t have to watch their PR as hard.


Just my guess.


I remember that person, and a different drama from them… But okay.

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I am usually an active forum user in websites I visit, and am used to less “babysitting”. I take for granted such abilities as to private message people, have signatures, and post links to things like chat servers. Especially if it’s not an in-house (basic self-coded) forum.

Forums these days are mostly watching out for defamation, copyrighted items, although they are now more protected regarding these issues if they take the right steps. Growing forums might just want to play it safe. I don’t know, I’m still new here, maybe they want to promote their own chat, or have plans for something like that and it’s mostly a monetary issue for them?

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oh boy!

basically an unofficial wanikani discord started, and it turned out to have self-confessed lolicons and alt-right and there was drama spilling over from the server onto the forums it was awful.

In light of that, I think discouraging unofficial wanikani discords is a good move.


Woah that discord must be crazy.

I on the other hand think that discord is a great thing for people who want instant feedback on their lessons and help for grammar ect. Is a great place for learning given the right environment.
I don’t know about that server but the one I am in is quite mellow and helpful, we help each-other efficiently and instantly.

Discouraging them is generalisation of the platform, there is good and bad to everything. A well maintained server is a community that shouldn’t be discouraged.

P.S @tiami Yay asuna :3


yeah had i known what i was really getting into, i would have stayed far, far away from that server. I met plenty great people there but there were a couple really really bad eggs

and yeah that was the original reason why I joined that server and what I was expecting. I’m active on discord myself and my server is also quite mellow and a place for people to discuss things and hang out, so yeah I dont paint the platform with a broad brush. the unofficial WK server is just an anomaly, it’s the only server i’ve ever been in that was like that.

but i still think that after such an experience, discouraging unofficial discords is generally a good move. we wouldn’t want a repeat of that, after all.

I’ve heard that the real reason is that the great Crabigator is in fact non other than Eru Ilúvatar himself and all the administrators are the Ainur in disguise. Therefore, naturally they are doing all they can to protect us from Melkor’s Discord…