Discord server

Idk you guys but I thought of that to want Wanikani to make an official discord server it can help us too much in some ways and experienced users can be admins hmm anyway Idk if there’s an official or unofficial discord server can you send invite link to me?
here’s my discord ID.

If they want to moderate a discord server they’ll probably set one up. Unofficial ones are discouraged, because they still would feel a sense of responsibility for people navigating there from here.


Oh so I’ll ask them for it plz you guys do that too

running a discord server is quite a lot of work, especially for a large community like WK. they’d have to have some staff available almost 24/7. staff needs to be paid.

so considering that WK is already running this very nice forum for us to communicate in, i’d be slightly surprised if they also opened a discord.


There is an unofficial Wanikani Community Discord, but it’s pretty inactive. Apparently there was some drama some time ago of WK users having a bad experience there and associating it with WK, and WK understandably doesn’t want that to happen, so Discord links are discouraged.

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