Is there a discord server?

sup guys i been trying to look for a official discord server for wanikani or anything related to wanikani. but the links are invalid. anyone can bring me to a link? also, any servers that are actually active for wanikani vc?

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Just so you know, there isn’t any official server for Wanikani and any that might have Wanikani’s name on it is not affiliated to WK whatsoever. I’m saying this because some drama on a discord server happened a few years ago and people associated it with Wanikani’s team (when they shouldn’t have).


whatever server is there just post the link cause when i did a search it didnt bring me to the server. i saw one about the book club for your name but they prob have a server for that to read that in japanese

Yeah, the book club server is specifically for reading books in Japanese and not for general questions or socializing.

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There’s a discord for people studying Genki II together, they’re right at the beginning still if you’re interested. You can ask general Japanese questions or just hang out as well (in English or Japanese).

And if you want to make a WK server, you could always make one and promote it on the forums. I’d join.

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I’d join too. I’m interested in something like that.

yeah. so lazy though. i just finished 70 new lessons of level 13. gg.

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