Numbers Inconsistency

Not sure if this is a bug report or not.

Typically, I’ve just been typing in numbers instead of writing them out because it’s a whole lot easier. This has always worked until today. I came across 二斤. I wrote “2 loaves,” and it let it pass, but with a spell-check error. (you’re answer is a little bit off)

I did a search and found that in the past, the spell checker made typing in the numbers impossible, but I’ve been typing in many of them over the past year, so I assume that’s “fixed.”

Any way you look at it, it seems odd that it would accept it with a spelling error. This has me wondering if numbers will be accepted for other counters or other vocab items going forward?

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There were 2 reasons that it was rejected in the first place:

  1. Because WK usually only allows a few characters to be off, resulting in the numbers breaking that rule

  2. Because using kanji is kind of like spelling it out in English anyways. The main normal use, like spelling out in English, is for big numbers and for legal documents.

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My hunch is that “2 loaves” is only a few letters away from “two loaves” so that’s why it took it.

Try it again with “5 loaves” and see what happens :smiley:

Thanks. Yes, I read the threads on why numbers were not accepted in the past and I understand whatever reasons were given.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as I’ve mostly been typing in numbers and it doesn’t call out a spell check error, it just accepts them. That’s why I said that it looks like it’s been fixed. I gathered that perhaps they have added number aliases for the spelled out numbers, thereby having specific answers that are correct for both the number and the number spelled out (in english).

My guess is that 斤, as a counter, never got number aliases entered for their quiz answers (if that’s really the way it has had to be done). I wonder if this persists through other categories of counters going forward, or it’s case-by-case?

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@Mods does this need to be addressed? I assume it’s just because 斤 is relatively new to WK

I didn’t necessarily post asking for a fix. I noticed an inconsistency (sometimes numbers work and sometimes they don’t) and I figured it was worth reporting.

Mostly I want to know what I can expect going forward; is this an anomaly, or should I immediately stop trying to input numbers instead of writing them out?

This would be safer. Unless WK suddenly stopped using levenshtein distance to check answers, there’s no reason that inputting numbers should work consistently.

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You could start adding the numbers to custom synonyms, too, that way it can’t go wrong (I think)

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There was a post a while ago saying that they’ve fixed the numbers problem; you should be able to input numbers. Can’t remember where I saw it though.

Oh cool, I wonder how they did that

I assumed that they had because, as I said, I’ve been using numbers this whole time and I never had an issue before.

That’s the whole reason I made this post. I thought it was weird that I suddenly got a spell check error on a number.

For now, I’ll just write them out, but if someone who knows more comments here, I’ll be paying attention.


I think it’s specific to compound words or numbers? So like a mix or match between words and numbers type of input doesn’t work. I also know that for 億 they don’t accept 100 million for hundred million.

Have all the numbers you’ve been entering in so far been things like putting in 500 for 五百?

Just for clarification on how numbers work:

If your answer contains digits then it must be a 100% digit match against one of our accepted answers. Doesn’t matter if it is an all digit answer or a digits compound answer. If the digits do not match then it is an instant fail. If the digits match, then the regular fuzzy matching check happens.

For example:

Your answer: 10 loaves
One of our accepted answers:: 10 loaves
Result: Pass!

Your answer: 10 loave
One of our accepted answers:: 10 loaves
Result: Pass!

Your answer: 100 loaves
One of our accepted answers:: 10 loaves
Result: Fail!

Your answer: 100
One of our accepted answers:: 100
Result: Pass!

Your answer: 100000
One of our accepted answers:: 10000
Result: Fail!


Ok. Then “2 loaves” is apparently slightly broken.

It “passed,” but only with a “you’re answer is a little bit off” error.

Not a big deal really, but some kind of a bug I guess. Before you ask, I’m sure I spelled “loaves” correctly. I stopped and studied it when it happened.


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