One loaf of bread is not a one loaf of bread



I don’t think they accept numbers for some of these, but I don’t think it’s a bug.

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well it’s the same case with " one bread loaf" . this word is haunting me

Can’t you just add your own alternatives?

You can, but it’s a pain to have to do it every time (especially when it’s common, simple rephrasings like this) (also, you don’t always think of every single possible alternative you could give while adding them, so some may still slip by you), especially when you’re not using something like the double-check script to mark yourself right and you get knocked down a stage or more


They don’t accept numbers because you can make a slight typo in a word and still get it right. If they accepted numbers and you wrote 2 loaves of bread, thinking the kanji was a 2, you would still get the answer right even though it’s wrong. So just always type out the numbers or add a synonym if you really don’t want to have to type them out every time.


Hi there! As some others have said, we recommend that you add your own synonym for words like these so you don’t keep getting them wrong, but I will pass ‘1 loaf of bread’ along to the team to see if we want to add it as a synonym for everyone! Thanks!

Since this is not a bug, I am also going to move it to feedback!


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