Number of strokes in radicals

I’m currently reading more Japanese again and I noticed that anytime I want to look up a kanji, it would be super useful to know the number of strokes for radical. I think it is a good thing that WK teaches radicals, as they are useful to parse any kanji, but I notice more and more that acutally the name of any given radical is completly useless to know (I’m aware that WK even renamed some of them). What would be useful however is the number of strokes in radicals bc. in any dictionary radicals are ordered by number of strokes. My suggesion therefore is to include the number of strokes in the radical info cards. It will make the lifes for those who look up kanji so much easier!

(Disclaimers: I know that there is a userscript (at least for kanji) for this, but I think it is important enough for it to be included in general. Yes, I agree the number of strokes should also be included in the kanji infocards. One step at a time, guys)


Wait, I’m sorry if this is a dumb question, but… Can’t you just count it when you need it? I personally do that, and I already have some of the radicals’ stroke count on speed dial.

Besides that, it’s not renaming that’s the biggest issue here, it’s that some radicals aren’t even “real” and some of them were merged or left out entirely


True, you can. And I do. :face_with_monocle: But it’s not always clear to me what is just one stroke and what in two. In addition, yes wk merges radicals, which is why they don’t exist in dictionaries. So what ends up happening: I count strokes, think to myself “ok, it’s x”, then I can’t find the radical, then I think to myself “maybe I miscounted, maybe it’s y or z”, so I check all the radicals and only then I think: well maybe not a “real radical”, just a wk radical. In my mind, if I knew the number of strokes for every radical or if I could look it up in wk, I could just search those radicals and if I can’t find it, I just move on.
I also seem to be very bad at counting, if the number of strokes exceeds 6 or so. I don’t know why… :upside_down_face: I feel kinda dumb when that happens. :persevere: But it has happened multiple times that I thought it’s like 6 strokes, but then it turnes out to be 8. And I don’t know if I just miscounted or if I miscounted based on not knowing what is drawn in one and what in two strokes.
If you have tips for counting, let me know! :slight_smile:

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This might help.

Or in general, take a look into the intro/basics to any resource on learning to write Japanese (kanji). You should then find it quite easy to see/know/count the stroke count, having the understanding for the proper way to write.


This one’s the biggest issue with WaniKani giving stroke counts. I mean, aside from the fact that WaniKani’s core philosophy is “no stroke counts! only radicals!”

Lemme give an example: the “easy” radical has eight strokes. However, aside from the kanji that matches the radical, all other kanji which use it have an extra stroke, for a total of nine.


Perhaps this website would be useful to you? Lists all the radicals, their name’s and stroke counts. Could speed up the process of finding a radical