Now Reading: Volume 6! フルーツバスケット・Fruits Basket 🍏 🍇 🍑 🍒 🍐 🍊 (Beginner Book Club)

It does. Stuff just ends up in it anyways. Today, I pulled a pastry box out of there before starting it up… There was still a mysterious paper in it that I didn’t notice. That paper was decimated by the washing machine and is now covering most of my laundry.

The good news is that I bought yet another copy of Fruits Basket today!


:grinning: first time officially here can`t wait for next week


I’ve just ordered my copy, along with Kiki’s Delivery Service! It’s set to arrive on July 1st so I’ll have some catching up to do but hopefully I can do it.

I’m very excited, these are the first manga books I’ve ever purchased. Well, I’m excluding the Sherlock fanfic manga that I bought a couple of years ago in Tokyo (who knew Sherlock was known there?) which is still a little too difficult for me to read.


I’ve read a bit of this series before in English and I’m happy to join, now that I have the JP version as well! :wink:

Were you able to find someone to help you with the other tasks? If not, I’m totally down to help! I’ve got plenty of time now that summer has rolled around, and I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to run/help run a book club… I haven’t done it before though, so you’ll have to tell me what you want me to do! :rofl:


That’s super sweet, thanks a million! Very happy to have you help me :slight_smile:

If you like, you could take care of the vocab sheet. In particular this means to keep an eye on it, make sure that the editing guide (on the first page) is followed, correct entries if they don’t match the guide (verbs not in dictionary form seems to be the most common mistake here), remind people in the threads if there are too many mistakes, correct entries if they have the wrong meaning or if something else is wrong (if you notice ofc), make sure that there are sheets with header lines for each chapter, things like these. Of course you are free to fill in the vocab sheet as well, and people will usually be very grateful, but please don’t feel obliged to do so - it’s a community effort after all.

I think that’s all there is to say for now, or would you like to add something, @Radish8?


yes it is.


Yes, looks good to me! Although I think you’ve made it sound like a lot more work than it is :laughing: I’d sum it up as making sure that it’s being filled in correctly, and adding the new sheets each week.

Thanks both - I really appreciate it :purple_heart:


Alright! I’ll keep an eye on the sheets! Let’s make this book club a great one! :wink:


I got the ebook, so I’m all ready to go :slight_smile: Much hype!


I also recently got the ebook, excited to finally read a manga in Japanese! Should be lots of fun :smile:


I JUSt GOT THE MANGA ThIS MORNING!!! it’s the first one i ever ordered irl, and fully in japanese! :):):):slight_smile:


Aaaaaaannnndddd… It has begun!

Welcome everybody, I will be your host for the next 13 weeks :upside_down_face:


Given page number are for the collector’s edition, right? I have the regular/old edition (first volume) and it seems like someone started to fill in the vocab sheet based on the regular edition’s page numbers.
Maybe we can put page numbers for both editions in the first post here and in every new thread, as well as in the vocab sheet?

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Are the page numbers different between those two editions? Is there just an offset between them or are there bigger differences? (Somebody mentioned that some text was only in one of the two versions; can we find out how much is missing there?)

Sorry for being a bit unhelpful here but I only have the ebook version of the old edition…

Me too actually. But I think the ebook will be the same as the hard copy because page numbers are actually printed on a few of the pages. Chapter 1 starts at page 5 (chapter cover) and the last page is 52. So I guess there are some pages in the old edition that are not in the collector’s edition…?

Yes, even the index contains page numbers. And, luckily, these are the same as the ebook page numbers! (Usually the ebook page numbers are shifted by 2 because of the cover, which can get a bit annoying.)

So that means the old chapter 1 has 48 pages while the collector’s edition only has 46 pages… :face_with_monocle:

I think it’s because the original publication starts with a little gag comic, but the collector’s edition moves this comic to a different chapter.

I hope that no one minds that I added some conditional formatting to the vocab sheet to take care of the colors for the pages and to make every other row a bit darker for readability


Week 2 is live :tada:

I have fixed the lack of emoji in the title, and I added page numbers for both versions (“old” and “Collector’s”). I only took the page numbers from the ebook, so if you notice that I messed up somehow, please speak up!


I love the basket :grin: