Notes do not appear on New items


Issue: For some reason, notes that I wrote for a Kanji that I have not learned yet (still gray on the UI, not in my Lessons stack yet) do not appear when time comes for learning this Kanji.

Context: Sometimes when I’m finished with my reviews, I go ahead and look at not yet learned Kanjis; when I have a good mnemonic in mind, I add a Note for it on the Meaning or Reading page. This is supposed to help me learn the kanji better when I’ll eventually encounter this Kanji in my Lessons.

Nonetheless, when I get these said Kanjis in my Lessons stack, neither my Meaning nor Reading notes appear (just empty notes). The notes are not deleted per se (they’ll reappear in futur reviews), but are just not visible on the learning pages (and can be overwritten). I guess this is the case not only for Kanjis but also for Radicals and Vocab Words (haven’t tried it though).

This is kinda bothering since I would like to access my own mnemonics when learning these Kanjis; could you please take a look at that?



This is a known behavior: Mnemonics and alternative meanings are not loaded for lessons, only for reviews. Quite some time ago there was some mention of changing this in the future; maybe @mods can say more?


Yes, this is still an ongoing bug that we’ve been wanting to fix. I’ll give it a bump :+1:


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