Meaning notes\reading notes no more aviable for certain items

I came back to Wanikani after a really long break, one of two long years, and before starting again with my studies I wished to exercise my previous knowledge, but I noticed that my personal notes for all the objects of my current level are gone, while for all the previous levels they are still there, and I can’t seem to add them to level 8 items, obviously I’m talking about unlocked ones. Now, did something change while I was MIA? Do you need to reach a certain level with an object to be able to add meaning and reading notes to it? Or is it some sort of bug?

Edit: This is true only for kanji and radicals items. Vocab of level 8 retained their notes and I can edit them.

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As far as I’m aware you can add notes as soon as you complete the lesson for an item.

It sounds like a bug if you can’t even add notes to those items, if you’re certain that they’re unlocked.

Yeah, I must agree, it sounds like a bug.

I’ll mail to hello@wanikani, then. Thank you for your help. Maybe I’ll try to exit vacation mode, that could be what is causing the problems.

If nobody else has any bright ideas then I’d definitely go for that! Hope it gets resolved :slight_smile:

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