Existing Notes not showing in Lessons (when relearning items)

When you reset back to a previous level and start re learning the items in lessons, the Notes do not show. I know they still exist because if I try learning through an app (such as Flaming Durtles) it pulls in that information.

E.g. In Lessons for the Radical Boat it shows this

When viewing the radical itself it shows the meaning note

I believe this issue is present for all radicals/kanji/vocab but I haven’t thoroughly tested with all examples.


same with user synonyms. they don’t show during the lessons (there’s a script for adding them during lessons. not sure why this isn’t a feature in the first place, though), they won’t be accepted as answers but show up on the item page and are accepted in the following reviews as soon as the kanji is ‘learned’.


For user synonyms, this is a known issue (I’ve contacted WK before and they told me). It’s that they don’t load the user synonyms for lessons, and I suspect it’s the same for the Notes. But they are not lost, like you said, they will be loaded for the normal reviews.

They told me they are planning to improve on this at some point in the future, though. I find this mildly annoying tbh, and if you think so too, please feel free to get in touch with WK at hello@wanikani.com, and maybe that will help raise the priority for this issue.

BTW it’s along the same lines that we cannot enter user synonyms during learning. There is a script that will allow you to add synonyms in the learning phase but not in the lessons’ quiz (which is the no.1 situation where I discover the need for a synonym tbh). They also said they want to improve on this, so might be worth mentioning this as well :innocent:



I confirm I have reset my account from lvl 38 to 30, and I am retaking the lessons.
None of my previous notes appear during the lessons I am redoing.
I am glad the data still exist somewhere, but it would be nice to retrieve them all.


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Like I said, you will have everything available in the reviews, just not in the lessons. :woman_shrugging:

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