Lessons ignore custom notes

My usual habit is to go to upcoming kanji, do research and stack information in meaning/reading notes beforehand, so I won’t waste time later when level up happens and I would need to consume them easily.

But my notes don’t appear when lessons take place. At first I didn’t notice because I didn’t actually have so many notes stacked, so I just thought that I may have mistaken or got a brain tumor. Then I prepared many notes for lvl 39 and got extremely suspicious when all 5 kanji in a row had nothing at all in their notes. I’ve checked those kanji in separate windows and all the notes were intact. Also notes didn’t disappear after I went through a lesson for those 5 kanji.

So whole problem lies in the fact that whole preparation is useless because I can’t comfortably read my notes, grasp the entire idea of meaning/reading and instantly move on. I need to open the dedicated page of the exact kanji in 2nd window for that! What would you say about that my fellas?

Left window- lesson, right window- dedicated page of the same kanji


I believe that not loading user data for lessons is a known issue. Not sure how high the priority of fixing it is, though.

I have also noticed that previously entered user synonyms are not usable in lessons.

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