Not really a fan of the new layout

The lessons and reviews buttons are too large. There’s no reason they need to take up that much space. They were fine where they were and the size they were. I have never liked how it’s two clicks to get to the actual reviews. One click takes you to the review summary the next to the actual review. Do I care about the review summary? Never.

Also felt like the review timeline plugin I was using was more useful and easier to understand. I get why you integrated similar functionality, but I want my old plugin back.

I really liked the level items appearing below the timeline. That was a nice feature add that reduced the necessity of needing to go to wanikani stats for the same information, but now they seem bunched up and crowded on the left. Much preferred the span across the entire browser window.

Can we have the option to have the old UI back?


You will find many people who feel similar to you in the forum post announcing these changes. But no, I dont believe a reverse is possible.

Are you talking about the Ultimate Timeline plugin? That still works in my browser (Chrome, win10). It only doesn’t work when I put it before or after the “Next Reviews” section probably because that part has changed. But every position after the “SRS stages” section should still work.


Yes, I’m referring to the Ultimate Timeline plugin. I have not yet bothered to figure out why it’s gone, it just is by default, gone. Firefox user here.

Thanks for the tip - that worked for me, cheers.

Glad it worked. You probably know this by now, but someone posted a line of code you can add to the script to make even the top 2 positions work - [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline - #915 by matenoneko

Others have tried it out and it works perfectly.

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I didn’t know that, so thanks - I do prefer to not have to scroll for that info, cheers.

For whatever its worth, I like the new layout.
But I’m pretty new, so I didn’t have time to get attached to the old one.

in the olden olden days we had


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I’m glad the timeline is working again but having my dashboard all messed up is a major bummer. I don’t need to see any of the information in this panel…all this wasted space just gets in the way of my item distribution :sob:

Us level 60 guys got no reason to live. And the update broke the post-60 progress bar I was using to keep track of my burn percentage :confused: Feeling kind of demotivated to be honest

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Can you link the script? I might be able to write a quick dirty fix (if the user who wrote it doesn’t work on it anymore)

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I use the post summary to review items I got wrong in my last review.
I rewrite the items I got wrong and sometimes I leave the page or close the browser accidentally. If there were no review summary, I wouldn’t know what was in my last review.

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I have a personal script to take me directly to the session if you would be interested in that. I’d just have to publish it.

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It was this one here: Wanikani 2 Cool 4 Progress

I tinkered with it a bit but couldn’t figure out how it was removing or replacing the existing elements.

I believe there’s a setting for that one whether you want it to remove the existing information or not

I was playing with it but it did not remove the new progress section. I’m not trying to remove the progress section but only the radical field inside it.

Much better with Ultimate Timeline back and the smaller buttons.


Really can’t stand it; I didn’t think it would bother me this much but I just want the old UI back. Really disappointed. Can pretty much echo everything in the OP.


The snippet of script that hid the native review forecast only worked for about an hour. Sigh…

I want that gone so that the progress items will span the entire window and push the information that I’m really interested in, how many apprentice items I am currently carrying, further up the page.

It’s more difficult for me to tell when I have reviews with the way the layout is. With Ultimate Timeline, it’s super obvious, but the horizontal green bars don’t work with me, hard to pinpoint exactly why. (Also, any reason why they’re green? Feels a bit odd to introduce a random new color that doesn’t show up anywhere else.)

It also feels weird to not have the lessons and reviews on the top, but I suppose I’ll get used to it eventually.

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