No sound in reviews

It used to work perfectly fine, but one day I just stopped getting sound in my reviews. I still seem to get sound in my lessons though. What should I do?

It would be useful if you email with your operating system and browser version. Also any userscript you use.

Just emailed them.
Operating System:
Windows 7


Just to clarify you are not getting sound for vocabulary in Reviews?

I think this is a typo. Where are you able to get sound?

What browser are you using?

google chrome, and yeah I made a typo (I meant to say still get sound in lessons but not in reviews)

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on Google Chrome (although I am on OS X and not Win 7).

It looks like our code is loading both formats of the audio just fine (ogg and mp3).

About a week ago we introduced a bug with audio when we moved some files around, but we patched it up pretty quick. It required refreshing the review page so the new javascript files get downloaded.

Have you reloaded the review page recently? I would try flushing the cache on to be extra sure.

Only other course of action is to disable ALL your scripts and see if that does anything. An easier and quick way to test is open up another browser (Firefox maybe?) and see if audio plays. If so, then I would start the disabling of all scripts on Chrome and reenable them one by one to see if we can single out a culprit.

Ah ok. I won’t have time to do that tonight, but if I have time I will try and test it tomorrow.

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