Is audio broken? If it’s just me, what’s a fix?

I’ve tried incognito/private, disabling scripts, different browsers (which don’t support scripts and with which I’ve never logged into WaniKani with before, so definitely not scripts), and different OSes/devices, and the audio just won’t play.

The speaker icon changes to a “speaker+sound waves” icon for a long time (10+ seconds, much longer than it would take to play the audio), but nothing else.

Interestingly, if I Inspect the HTML source, I can download and play the “ogg” links by copy-pasting, but not the “mp4” links—they come up broken. And if I play the “ogg” links for a given page (review or vocab entry page) this manual way, then I can use the normal playback control for the same entry, but as soon as I open a new page, or force-reload, once agin I can’t play audio.

The thing I can’t easily test is getting off my local network—maybe it’s somehow a CDN issue. Actually, yes I can test that; I totally forgot my iPad has cellular data. The issue persists even with my Wi-Fi off, so I’m definitely going through the cell network—but it’s certainly still possible it’s a CDN issue, because CDN servers are often sliced geographically.

I can’t find any troubleshooting tips for this, so I’d appreciate any suggestions?

I didn’t realize how much I rely on the audio until it’s gone…

Probably worth pinging the @Mods

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Hi there! I’m sorry to hear that the audio isn’t working for you. I will reach out to you via email so that communication’s a little easier and we can loop the engineers in too.

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Not sure if this helps but when I start reviews, I always have to click on the audio word before it will play. Only with the first review, after doing that the audio of the rest of that session plays correctly.

This is also happening with vocab lookup pages, like台所, and it’s happening to people on a Japanese language-study Discord not affiliated with WaniKani I asked to check by giving them the above link. So people who not only aren’t logged in with my address, but don’t have a WaniKani account at all.

So double-checking: everyone who’s read this has visited a page like台所 and clicked on “Kenichi” or “Kyoko” and have heard the audio? That’s just incredibly bizarre.

Sounds good to me. :thinking:

Thanks— I can’t explain it, but it just started working all at once on all those browsers again a few hours ago. So some sort of transient issue.

I started typing an email describing all the browser/OS combos I’d tried when it just worked again. ¯\(ツ)

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Oh, awesome! That’s good news then. Let us know if it happens to act up again!

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