No more Audio in Lessons

Since a few hours there is no more audio in lessons. Tested on Windows, Android browser and Android app. Are the Servers with the audio files down or is it just a problem with my account?

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Sounds works fine for me. Did you check your settings?

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. It’s not even a matter of the lesson audio not playing automatically, but more than that they won’t play at all, even when you press the sound button.

Reviews seem to work, it’s just lessons for some odd reason.

Same problem here.

I’m having the same issue, but it only seems to affect new lessons and reviews. All of the kanji and vocabulary I learned prior to today have sound. It’s odd.

We’ll take a look into this.

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Experiencing this too. Also, when you click/touch the “speaker” icon, it changes to the “speaker with sound coming out of it” icon and never changes back.

Haven’t checked on desktop, but at least on my phone it doesn’t seem to initiate the request because the loading spinner in chrome doesn’t appear at all, but it always did before while loading the sound file.

I was able to identify the issue for Lessons. The hotfix will be live soon.

I wasn’t able to identify or replicate the issue in Reviews stated by @chibi.

Anyone else having audio issues in Reviews?

Hotfix for audio in lessons should be live within three minutes.

I’m having this problem too.

The audio fix for lessons is now live. Looks good on my end after doing a few lessons. Refresh the page if you are experiencing problems; the updated files with the fix need to be downloaded.

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Fixed! Thanks!!!

Everything has been fixed now, so thank you very much!

It’s again broken since a few minutes.
And also I had some old Kanji from yesterdays lessons in my new lessons today. This should not happen, right?

Do you maybe have any kinds of scripts installed? It broke again for me too but I tried disabling and re-enabling all my scripts and it seems that the Pitch Info script breaks the audio in lessons for me. It works fine without that script.

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No audio in my reviews in any browser or on mobile, so it’s certainly nothing to do with an scripts. Haven’t used wk much in a while, but this didn’t seem to be happening the last time I logged in which was within the last week.

Had no audio in reviews, had audio in lessons.

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Hello, same problem: audio doesn’t work. I have a few scripts installed, but everything worked fine a couple of hours ago. I tried to disable/enable the scripts several times, but that didn’t solve the problem, unfortunately :cry:

Will take a look

I am not having audio in reviews anymore. I think it was working earlier today, though I am not sure.