No sound in reviews or lessons

I understand all of this, but the point still stands. If you are going to teach an on’yomi reading with the Kanji, then it’s easier to learn that with audio. That has nothing to do with the Japanese language as a whole, the difference between on’yomi and kun’yomi readings, what a Kanji actually is, or even a person’s learning style. It’s just about how people learn sounds, which is what a reading is.

As long as on’yomi readings (or any reading) are taught with new Kanji and quizzed in such a way that you must learn the reading to progress, including a sound will be better for that learning progression. That’s the learning progression the creators of this software(which I really like, for the record) chose to use, which apparently the other people in this thread disagree with. To say we should learn a reading with the Kanji but contend an accompanying sound file is unimportant or doesn’t belong is nonsensical. Pick a lane.

If anyone’s having issues with autoplay on Android (via Wanikani Android app or mobile website), I had to disable this Chrome flag chrome://flags/#disable-gesture-requirement-for-media-playback in order for autoplay to work. Chrome by default blocks autoplay of audio on mobile devices to prevent abuse. Now I have vocal feedback on both desktop and mobile!


Kanji never had audio. It is better to hear them in the kanji pronounciation in the vocabulary context.

As for the audio settings defaulting back… We’ll look into it.

(Sorry for the delay. I was out of town)


Ok so over ten days everything has been ok but today audio was suddenly off again and had to put in back on from settings. Doesn’t really matter to me if it happens so rarely. Im in state just before level up and most likely will level up today and did get bunch of new lessons yesterday. Nothing special happened so I don’t know why. Just to let you know. Happy weekend.

Can confirm autoplay turning off just now.

If you want a control - my account’s autoplay currently is & has been on for at least 3 years.

Chrome 58.0.3029.110
Ubuntu 16.04, kernel 4.7.10-040710-generic

How are you accessing WK?

For me it just randomly switched off today but it’s been fine since I re-enabled it in the settings.

Thank you!

I couldnt play the sound in the mobile version till now

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I had no idea there was sound at all :open_mouth: They should mention that in the intro tour. Plugging my headphones in now. Thank you.

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