No audio on lessons [edit: solved]

I have the auto play audio in lessons enabled, but it doesn’t play or even have the sound icon that you press to listen to the pronunciation. (Hope that makes sense.)

So basically I can’t do lessons right now since I don’t want to learn it without the correct sounds. Sound helps me retain the info better. Most of the sound in reviews is not available to listen to either.

I have tried checking on and off the boxes in our settings where we can select autoplay audio in reviews and lessons, and nothing has helped. I’ve tried it at least 3-4 times.

Oh, and in my lessons, when I usually click on it, it’ll tell me how many radicals, kanji and vocabulary I have to learn, but the numbers have turned into grey boxes since yesterday and I can’t view the amounts for them anymore.

Please help :frowning::pleading_face:

There seem to be some issues at the moment with audio in WaniKani… I’d suggest you send them an email as these forums are not monitored closely for bugs. Hopefully they can figure out the root cause of the issues from enough people’s reports.

Thank you, I contacted them through email and we resolved the problem. :slight_smile:

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