Hearing pronunciations while reviewing

Hi, have I imagined this? I thought when I first started a few months ago that during reviews, once I’d typed the correct Reading of a vocabulary item, the pronunciation would then automatically play. I found this to be a really helpful reinforcement of the vocab.

Then I started using Wanikanify and various userscripts, all of which I love, but the “Speaker” icon during reviews was greyed out. That meant the only time I ever heard the pronunciation was if I chose to click on the Speaker icon during a Lesson.

I’ve tried completely removing Wanikanify (which had been causing other g-glitches, as it turned out), and I’ve disabled all the userscripts. Now, having entered the correct answer, I can then press on the speaker icon and hear the pronunciation - but having to do that is so much slower than it just automatically playing like I thought it used to.

Any ideas how to get the sound back automatically during reviews - or have I imagined the whole thing?


It’s in your settings.
“Autoplay audio in lessons”
“Autoplay audio in reviews”
You can just toggle them on, but they turn off by themselves from time to time.
Kinda weird.

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Thank you so much!!

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