HELP: Lessons are reading the pronunciation out loud before I answer them

I didn’t change anything in the config, I just started the level 48 lessons and when I go to review them, every time I have to input the pronunciation, it reads it out loud before I can do anything.
So it’s like WaniKani is cheating for me, what’s the point of trying to guess the pronunciation if WaniKani does it for me?
This doesn’t happen with reviews, only when I review lessons. It happens both in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with and without scripts, with Kenichi or with Kyoko

I disabled “Autoplay audio in lessons” and it stopped happening, but now I have to press “j” every time I get a pronunciation so that it works as it always did, it may seem like a minor thing but I REALLY need it and it’s throwing me off.

TL;DR “Autoplay audio in lessons” is bugged and it’s reading the pronunciation both at the start and the end of the lesson, making the lesson useless

Example - YouTube


Are you using any scripts?

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Yes but I turned them all off and it is still happening, I’m using Google Chrome, it happens in Microsoft Edge too, where I don’t even have Tampermonkey installed


@viet @oldbonsai Any idea what’s going on here?

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Here it is shown this bug - YouTube


I am having the same issue. I also have scripts (Wanikani Open Framework, Wanikani Anime Sentences), but have not tried turning them off.

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Me too. I’ve just written to hello@wanikani about it.

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Forwarding this thread to the right party. They’ll look into it.

Edit: Just realized it is the end of the day and there won’t be any eyes on this until Monday. I see some changes have been pushed out today. I am going to see which one is responsible and do a revert. I was able to replicate the bug: Under lessons and lesson pronunciation audio autoplay is active, when the vocabulary reading question is rendered onto the screen the pronunciation audio is played immediately after. Expectation is to have the audio play after the user has submitted an answer.


Ah yes, Friday evening deployments…


I have a bad habit of lurking the forums on Friday evenings.


Fixed that for you.


The revert should be live in the next few minutes.


It’s been solved, thank you
I hope the madman of the deployer pays you 賠償金


I’m the mad man — it was one line in one file that was autoplaying the audio. :roll_eyes: It’s been fixed and live for a couple days now.

And, yes, I do owe @viet for having our collective backs!




Yes, we all learn that the hard way. Friday deploy at 4PM just before everyone leave and then the production site crash yes, and then you go grab a beer in the common fridge and realize in terror that you might have to wake up at 5PM saturday


When the quiz page loads, the input box is not autofocus-ed


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