More stats like the Level 20 email

I really liked the statistics I was emailed when I reached level 20. For those who haven’t reached it, it says something like “After completing level 20, you will know X% of N4 kanji and X% of N3 kanji, as well as all of N5”. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but you get the idea.

Is there a way to find more statistics like this based on my level? I’d like to know more information like that!



And [Web App] WaniKani History + Timemachine , I use both. Love stats :slight_smile:


Thank you! And after looking at this, I realized I just unlocked some things from level 15 even though I’m level 26. Is this supposed to happen? It was 匹, and apparently, it’s from 15. Also, I just unlocked 石ころ and it’s from level 6 apparently.

Those vocab items were recently added to the site-- they were immediately added to your lesson queue because you’ve already passed level 15 and 6 resepctively. No worries!


I love WKstats. Very helpful.

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