No email for level 4?

Hello everybody, and sorry if I start a new thread but I could not find anything about this topic.

I just leveled up to level 4, but I did not receive any emails from WaniKani celebrating the new level (as I did for level 2 and 3).

Also, something strange happened: I was on level 3, bought a subscription, and then suddenly my level was 4. After checking my stats, looks like I have been on level 4 for more than 2 days (but I was still level 3 yesterday!).

How is that possible? This is not really important but I am sad I did not receive any congratulatory email, especially because in the level-up email from level 2 they promised to send a gift once I completed the free levels :frowning:

I can imagine you went up to level 4 because you met the prerequisites for leveling up from 3 to 4 before you paid. So once you paid, it immediately leveled you up.

About the email, no idea. I turned those off.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Yes I figured that. I am actually just interested in getting the email and - most of all - the present!

Did you check your spam folder?

Also, just thought about I got my email back when I leveled to 4 and I had already bought a yearly sub by then too. They asked for my address to send me the present, and then sent it out two days later and let me know it was on its way. I don’t know how to find the date that I actually leveled up to level 4 and when I got the email though so I don’t know how long the turnaround is for leveling up and getting that email, but maybe they haven’t sent it to you yet?

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There’s a present?! :scream:. I never got one :confused: . @koichi, did I miss an initiation rite? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh no you didn’t get one? Search your email from all the messages you received from WaniKani and see if you can find it! I actually really liked the present and thought it was really cute. If fact I have mine next to me right now! :smiley:

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Thanks, probably it’s early and I am just too anxious to get the email :rofl:

I’m the same, levelled up to 4 and was super excited about my gift, but still haven’t received an email after a few weeks :frowning:


Oh noeees!!! Hope you get it soon! Good suggestion from @Korbelious to check your spam folder. I’d try it!

I checked it just then and couldn’t find anything D:

Check to make sure you don’t have email notifications turned off from WaniKani in your account settings?

Make sure that you didn’t receive the email. If you confirm that in fact you didn’t get it, send an email to the WK team I believe that’s the right one.

I only asked for my present on lvl 9 because I didn’t know about it xD

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Thanks for the email address! Very helpful :smiley:

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Yeah i have it turned on, thanks for the help though :slight_smile: I’ll try emailing them

Sorry, I couldn’t be more help! You might wanna ask if you can change your
username too though, cause you’re not off to a good start lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, there is a present. You can still receive it if you email them.

I didn’t get my email immediately. It came a little later, like three days maybe.

I was well within level four – with only long spaced reviews available to me – before I subscribed. The email you’re looking for didn’t arrive until after I subscribed. I was expecting it to be triggered much earlier, too.

maybe, if it was a long time ago when you got to that level - email in, I bet someone will help you out with your don’t-have-a-present-itus.


I don’t even know if I have this email, and I’m still not quite sure what it is, but I feel like I deserve a present.