Stats not properly tracking

I’m using this wani kani stats plugin and I’ve noticed the stats are not properly tracking. I just did 30 reviews and they’re not showing up. Yesterday I also did a big batch of reviews, and some showed up and some didnt. Any ideas? I believe the plugin is called heatmap.

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 8.39.08 AM

have you checked this stats website as well?

I’d expect this to be related to this:


This is super disappointing. I mainly use stats to hold myself accountable since wanikani doesn’t have any features like that. It would be nice if they added the feature themselves (streaks + review tracking) before essentially destroying the plugin


Well, indeed it is. So instead of getting things done in the last three weeks and implementing it, the developers remove the last options for stats. Incompetence and ignorance for users at its best. Poor stupid one who got a lifetime account. Like me.

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