Nihongo Stats (Wanikani Stats)

I’ve now modified the source of the main script in 1.3.5 to output this to the console. Hopefully this is what you were looking for!

Obviously, you’d still need to supply the API function what it’s looking for yourself, and do something more useful with the array :wink:

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great tool!

can you add accuracy info like wkstats show?

because I think there it is broken since it shows my typical level up is 9 days since for long time ago it is around 30 days now.

There’s a review accuracy on this site, as shown in images above. I believe you need to go into the WK section and then the History (second) section. Am I misunderstanding you?

Having given this a quick look on my phone, it’s really cool! Well done, thanks.

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This website is amazing, thank you!

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Wow… just wow … I love it.
I have added the wanikani api key and also my bunpro api key.
Looks great!