Best Anki Decks?

I’m thinking of supplementing my kanji learning here on WK with Anki :eyes:

However, I am having difficulties trying to find a good deck… I have been reading reviews of decks for the past hour, and some negative reviews keep putting me off and making me unsure :sweat_smile:

Basically I want a deck that goes by JLPT level (or from elementary grade to Highschool grade). Is there any good ones you guys know of/have used?

Thanks for any help :smile:

P.S.: I also saw there was one specifically from WaniKani… Is it any good? :eyes:

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I’ve tried one JLPT deck, personally I didn’t like this one since it had no audio or sentences. I think the core decks are good, usually they have sentences and the sentences also have audio but the pictures some have aren’t always helpful. I searched “core” in the anki search bar and I could mainly find the 2k ones. Like this one.

There’s a couple of wanikani decks I think, I’ve tried them and some were quite similar to wanikani so they’re pretty good.

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I’ve enjoyed decks called Pass JLPT. I’ve finished the N5 and N4 decks and now using the N3. I haven’t noticed any significant errors and they include an example sentence.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience with them! I’ll check them all out :hugs:

Ohhh, sounds good, I’ll check it out :eyes:

Thank you!

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I’ve been using a core 10k deck, that I reorganised a bit. And by use, I mean ‘always forget about and have a horribly massive pile of reviews’


My personal advice is please don’t do this, spend time learning grammar instead.

However, if you must use an Anki deck, I second the Core 10K decks. I used to use them for shadowing and improving my listening comprehension, and they were pretty effective for that. However, I eventually swore off Anki decks because I ended up getting flash card fatigue. Between WK and Anki, I was doing hundreds of SRS reviews every day. It just wasn’t fun and I didn’t have any energy left to actually use my Japanese skills in enjoyable ways. SRS systems are wonderful things when well-used, and terrible things when overused.


Second that :cold_sweat:
I always feel like I want to know more vocab, end up starting an anki deck and bite off more than I can handle :’)

Lately, when I think of increasing the workload with even more vocab, this is what I tell myself: Learning vocab with new Kanji in it is terribly inefficient. It’s much simpler if I learned the Kanji it uses on WaniKani first. As a result, in terms of longterm efficiency, it makes more sense for me to go faster on WaniKani than add more vocab in an entirely different SRS system. (This is obviously excluding kana only vocab, which you’ll have to learn eventually, but that’s a problem for future me)

The fastest you can reasonably go on WaniKani, in the level 3 - 20 range, is about 21 new lessons/day. Long term, that will result in at least 210 reviews per day. Personally, that’s a bit more than I can handle on a regular basis :’)


I would recommend making your own deck if possible. The words will mean a lot more if you make them yourself. Curedolly has some videos about this and more info on her website

I personally add grammar and vocab I want to learn to my deck. It’s also pretty easy to make cards from anime/shows you watch. You can add audio and sentences fairly easily once you set it up


I think there is even a Jisho add-on that lets you create Anki cards from Jisho with one click? But I never used it so I can’t comment on how well it works.


Yeah it’s called Yomichan and it works really well and will also pull audio for your card. That one is good for single word vocab, and can be configured also to pull sentences. The only thing it won’t get it full sentence audio


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