Nicole needs a thread to herself -- A Study Log of sorts

What I read in the Autumn Challenge 2022


  • :rose:   ユージニア (with the ABC)
  • :seal:   封印再度 - Who Inside (with the S&M book club)
  • :cat2:   世界から猫が消えたなら (my new sauna book)
  • :ghost:   おばちゃんがいるところ (with the IBC)
  • :poop:   糞尿譚 (started way earlier but couldn’t finish due to difficulty - maybe this time?)
  • :troll:   Attack on Titan 1
  • :man_walking:   Albert Camus: L’Étranger


  • :hole:   穴 (we discussed its difficulty in the Intermediate club and I got curious…)
  • :musical_score:   Eine kleine Nachtmusik (from 本屋大賞)
  • :cloud:   雲をつかむ話 (read ch. 1 with the German-Italian Reading Circle, want to continue)
  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows:   ifの悲劇 (had this in my pile for sooo long already and started it but slightly lost interest in the meantime)
  • :shinto_shrine:   聖お兄さん (started 100 years ago with the book club but never finished)
  • :walking_man:   カミュの異邦人 – When we read 人間失格 somebody mentioned the similarity of the two books, so I decided to give it a try (in French). Then Myria said she’d be interested in reading it as well, but in Japanese, so we will do a French-Japanese tandem :slight_smile: Which means I will read it in French (:man_walking:) and she will read it in Japanese, but I think I will also read each section in Japanese (:walking_man:) afterwards to double-check my French understanding :grin: (curious to see which version I get more out of ^^)
  • :earth_africa:   La Quête d’Ewilan: D’une monde à l’autre (maybe Belerith infected me with this book? :joy_cat: Will see if I’ll read some of it on the side)
  • :church:   大聖堂 (The Pillars of the Earth) (project with Japanese friend; but too hard for him; talked him out of it)
  • plus I need to clean up a few manga that I started but never finished

Lined up:

Nothing :sweat_smile:

Still later: :sweat_smile:

  • :waning_gibbous_moon:   1Q84 Book 1.2 ? (postponed until January, with the 1Q84 book club)
  • :ramen:   博多豚骨ラーメンズ Vol. 1 (had to take a quick peek already :grin:)


  • :sunrise:   TUGUMI (with the Intermediate book club; finished Oct 8th)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 5 (with the F&B club; finished Oct 22nd)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 6 (with the F&B club; finished Oct 29th)
  • :chair:   人間椅子 (with the Halloween Book Club; finished Nov 4th)
  • :beach_umbrella:   海辺のカフカ(下) (with the spin-off book club; finished Nov 10th)
  • :maple_leaf:   秋の牢獄 (with the repeat club; finished Nov 26th)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 7 (with the F&B club; finished Dec 2nd)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 8 (with the F&B club; finished Dec 9th)
  • :prince:   星の王子さま (The Little Prince) (sauna book; finished Dec 10th)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 9 (with the F&B club; finished Dec 18th)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 10 (with the F&B club; finished Dec 23rd)
  • :stew:   おいしいごはんが食べられますように (with the Compulsive Readers club; finished Dec 30th)


  • :wolf:   狼と香辛料 (Spice and Wolf) Vol. 1 (with the Advanced club)