Ni yu u... enter


am I getting something wrong here? but says I am getting wrong its pretty annoying


niyuu will show as にゆう
nyuu will show as にゅう
Small ゆ vs big ゆ is where you’re probably mixed up


Make sure you read through the FAQ. This, and many more things are answered there.


Wanikani has two guides for typing Japanese characters:

  1. Koichi’s guide on How to type Japanese characters

  2. Go to the FAQ and scroll down to common first-level problems


Probably a good idea to learn the basics of Japanese before you jump into kanji.


Just make sure you’re using the small ゅ.

Also, I recommend learning Hiragana and Katakana before Wanikani. Start with hiragana, then katakana, then kanji if you haven’t already.


I tend not to make bets based on ridiculous assumptions about strangers on the internet.

Though I will take bets on whether you have a crappy personality. I know this goes against the advice I used in the first paragraph but I’m feeling adventurous today, so I’ll make an exception for you.


Likely or not, it’s no reason to badmouth people.


Took you three months for THIS comeback. :roll_eyes:


I got respect for everyone on here if you are leaning another language that’s means you are trying to get work done and move up in life.
but for him to comment and not even help then why would he even comment at all?
I learned Hiragana and Katakana with Dr Moku’s app and its my bad I forgot about Nyu and NiYu. next thing you know I’m going to make a post about onyomi and kunyomis and he will say same except thing without helping.
much respect to you all learning except Leebo the Weeaboo


Man, that post bothered the crap out of you huh.


You are an awfull big fan of assumptions. Keep it up man :). You also assume Leebo was being mean when he posted what he said. But he is right. You need to have Hiragana down and not forget that there is a difference between Nyu and NiYu. Better to spend some more time on Hiragana and not forget before you go further :). I could dream Hiragana before I started here.


Impressive. Straight for Godwin’s law in the space of three posts. I think we have a new Internet-wide record.

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-comments nothing productive or relevant for no reason other than that the thread reopened-


I wonder if it’ll close again like last ti-


I see what you tried to do but it didn’t work.


I did not know something like Godwin’s Law excisted… you learn something new every day ^^.


I take it there’s an awesome comment that got deleted :frowning: